Saturday, August 11, 2018

Free Book Editing Contest

Bob Rich has been a professional editor since 1999. In 2007, He won the now sadly defunct Editors and Preditors’ contest for best editor. For the third time, he is offering writers a free book editing contest. Writers can enter the contest here.

Send him a 200-word synopsis, and the first 1000 words of your manuscript. He will select the best 10, and then the entry with the highest number of votes gets a free edit for the entire book. The contest is free. Deadline is 15th October. Hurry up and register. 

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

An Upcoming Interview with Bob Rich

Author of Hit and Run

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Writer, get EIGHT free bonus resources....

Dear Writer,
You get EIGHT free writing resources when you enroll in my new Self-Help Writing course.
Here’s what you get (as well as the fabulous new course):
Life Changers - The Top 100 Self-Help Books
A comprehensive 110-page review of the most important Self-Help books of our time, so you can see for yourself what the world likes and needs. Get in the know quickly.
How to Write, Sell, Publish, and Promote Your Book by Joanna Penn
Joanna is a force of nature in the modern independent publishing scene. Entirely self-taught and self-motivated, she used self-publishing her bestselling novels to get a major deal with a New York agent and a publisher - but she still prefers to work online. Benefit from her amazing insight and experience with this special collection from her "Creative Penn".
Write Your Self Help Book in 30 Days by T.A.G. Publishing
A useful guide to exactly what publishers expect from your self-help submission. This is up-to-date, behind the scenes information.
The Only Self-Help Book You'll Ever Need by Rich DiGirolamo
The free version of this delightful and humorous gem from The Rich Kid himself.
Finding The True Self, a Sample Self-Help Outline by Kyle Word
Kyle has kindly donated the exact pitch he used to get his book published. Includes a full chapter breakdown and samples.
Writing an Evolutionary Self-Help Book by Sasha Allenby
The original published proof copy of this book. This 113-page bonus is free for you to enjoy and learn from.
Useful Articles About Self-Help compiled by Rob Parnell
Don't just take my word for the facts. I have scoured the world to find this useful collection of articles, stats, hard-won experience, and author opinions (60+ pages in total) on the best way forward for new self-help writers.
Self-Help Publishers and Literary Agents Listing
A valuable listing of the fast diminishing number of publishers and agents dedicated to self-help. If you're going to self-publish on Amazon, you won't need this list. But if you decide to do it the hard way, this list will get you started! 

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