Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's time to write your own SCREENPLAY!!

The Success of Your Writing Career May Depend on the Courses in this Writers’ Workshop 

Just a 5-Five-Day Workshop Can Extend Your Knowledge by Whopping 95%.




The Mind and Creativity | Brainstorming Ideas | Genre | Concept | Story | Structure | Plot Points | Key Plot Points | Acts | Scenes | Audience Orientation | Linear / Nonlinear Stories | Protagonist and Opponent | Supporting Characters | Character Effectiveness | Developing Characters | Dialogue Structure | Dialogue Text, Visual Subtext and Subtext | Speculative and Directive Scripts | Treatments and Outlines.

There is no more profitable form of writing than screenwriting. However, screenwriting is one of the most demanding disciplines, one of the hardest to get right. You have to tell a power packed story, and you have to do it using the grammar of the screen. You have to tell a story with pictures, and not words.

Because screenwriting is the foundation for everything that follows, virtually, all screenwriters will therefore need to start with a solid foundation in screenwriting; and the CBM Five-Day Workshop is an excellent way to start. So if you are tired of the assorted errors of a newbie writer in your screenwriting career, September and October are the months to have your break.

The goal of this workshop is to help writers develop their technical, creative and crucial abilities with screen story telling to become a more better, productive writers and perceptive thinkers. This is the workshop writers can broaden their talents, heighten their strengths and challenge themselves in the company of colleagues who share same interest as them. For the mini-lessons participants are encouraged to come with enough writing material to apply what they will learn to their own work. By the end of workshop students are expected to complete a first draft of a short story for a shoestring budget, so come along with your story ideas.


Please phone 07055245810

Session I: September 9 – 13, 8 – 3pm

Session II: October 7 – 11, 8 – 3pm

The Investment for the Workshop is ONLY… N20, 000!!!!



AC N0: 2015552880.


THERE IS LIMITED SEATING! You MUST scan your customer teller and email to uk

Venue: DVWorx Studios, 13, Oguntona Crescent Gbagada Phase 1, Lagos Nigeria.

Supported by Music Africa and ThreeSixty Moves Entertainment:

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