Friday, August 21, 2015

Faye Hall discusses her new books "Mistress of Purity & Passions in the Dust"

I'm so excited to interview again despite my very, very busy life. Welcome Faye Hall to the blog.  She was born in North Queensland, Australia. She currently have 4 books published with Red Sage Publishing. Her most recent 2 are Mistress of Purity published 1st of August and Passions in the Dust coming out 1st of October this year. Her genre is Historical erotic romance, but each book also branches into mystery, murder, suspense and drama.

D.O:  How do you do. Thank you for joining us today, on Authors' Curtilage Book Dialogue.

 F.H: Thank you for having me.

 D.O: When did you know you wanted to become a writer?

F.H: I knew when I was at school that writing was what I wanted to do.  I just loved created stories.

D.O: Hmmm. You are just like me. I knew since I was much younger everything I wanted to become in life. [SMILES] What are the various craft you've studied before you came into the entertainment industry or do you just  possess some natural tendencies to write stories?

F.H:  I've never studied anything much other than English at school.  I just have always been able to create stories  with reasonable ease.

D.O: Hmmm. That's talent. As a phonetics and diction instructor I know to study English is huge and it's something. So I say be very proud of it. What are the steps you took to develop your book from a rough draft into a published novel?

F.H: All my books usually start of with a small idea that I jot down with a bit of dialogue.  From there I create the image of the characters and the relationships I want them to have.  The rest gets molded around that.  Usually I go over a script at least 4 times before I send it to a publisher.

D.O: Hmmm. What should I call you, a seat-of-the-pant writer? [SMILES] Anyway, tell us. What town or city do your book story portray and what is the feeling we have in this dwelling places?

F.H: My books are all in townships in North Queensland, Australia at the time most towns were first being established in this part of the world.  I try to show that along with the hardships they must have gone through during the late 1800's in Australia, there was still so much etiquette bound traditions they were expected to adhere to and were struggling to break free from.

D.O: Hmmm. Etiquette is a custom of polite behavior that helps people behave appropriately in all areas of life. I wonder why anyone would want to break free from what is right and of good standard. Anyway, I understand how people must behave in those time frame you present. Having a unique point of view in telling a story provides your story with intention. From how many characters' viewpoint is your entire book seen from?

F.H: I try to show the viewpoint of most of my main characters.  I believe this is important so that the reader can see things through not only the heroine's eyes, but also the hero's and the villain's.

D.O:  That's good. What does these point of views infuse into each of the scene in your book?

F.H: It gives depth to the story, shows another level beyond the romance but that is also needed to explain the love affair that the book focuses on. 

D.O:  What does the lead character of your book want most in the world?

F.H: In Mistress of Purity, what Gareth Malloy wants most in this world is Prue Bennitt. In Passion in the Dust , Seth Kenner wants nothing more than to stay in England with Ella Matthis.

D.O: What are the conflicting values you created for him?

F.H: In Mistress of Purity the main conflict comes from discovering Prue Bennitt is in fact his father's widow. In Passions in the Dust the main conflict comes when Seth is tricked in to leaving on a boat for Australia, never knowing Ella was on the dock watching him sail away.

D.O:  Any hint about your next book?

F.H: I have two being considered at the moment, but I'm also writing 'Lust & Chastity', my own take on one of the seven deadly sins and heavenly virtues.

D.O:  I wish you the best in your writing. Thank you once again for joining us on Authors Curtilage Book Dialogue. May your days in the field be filled with fame, fortune, honor, story ideas, character development, and all that is good.

F:H: Thank you so very much.  

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