Thursday, November 2, 2017

Writers, is there stigma attached to self-publishing

Hi Writers,

A quick word regarding Marketing for Online Authors 

By now you will be aware that my latest course is about giving you power as an author - the ability to create a future based on your writing.

But, for some reason, I see you're holding back, even though the final deadline is looming.

Why are you resisting this unique offer?

Is it that you don't want to self-publish?

Do you assume there's some stigma attached to publishing your own work?

I want to reassure you that if you feel this way, you're kinda missing the point...

Today, there are only five big publishing companies left because they're having to consolidate, tighten their belts, and join forces as they try to "catch up" with what's happening in the real world. 

Fact is, Amazon has taken over the book buying market, and is doing its level best to replace the need for the "antique" publishing paradigm. 

More and more independent writers like you are becoming bestselling authors, even getting to millionaire status, just by self-publishing with Amazon. 

It's the new normal.

If you're still fantasizing about having a "real' publishing deal, I'm afraid that's what it will remain: a fantasy. 

The Big Five Publishers now have to supplement their incomes by offering PAID publishing options - and they're not cheap, starting at around $5000 - and you don't even get their distribution network for that price, just a book, which you could get Amazon to do for zero cash!

Soon it will be those published with traditional publishers who will have to carry the stigma of not being good enough to sell their own books on Amazon.

Go HERE to get the course right now - before the Friday, midnight deadline. 

Keep Writing!

Rob Parnell
Your Success is My Concern

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