Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Poem by Dramie Orem

The sad minds, now rejoice, for lives lived thus far, and the eyes from the cross that watch as they ought to; protect our foolish blind shadows from evil that this Christmas we may witness; the season which ushers in a new year, a new hope, a new vision, another ripe of age, an activation of dreams.

Sumptuous season dishes laid out: Christmas cake, custard, gingerbread in Christmas shapes served with golden syrup, cranberry sauce, meat balls, roasted turkey, smoked meat, spiced rice, fish pie, coconut ice-cream, champagne, Christmas games, some Christmas Carols to play on the piano - all amounting to rejoicing in the season.

What sadness do romance thy heart for penniless pockets and empty bread tables? Rejoice for the blood shed that man may live forevermore. 

Think of the year that weed out a many to where worms feed on flesh as their daily bread and rejoice.

Let the sadness filled heart never be sad, not a complain. Rejoice in the light of Christmas and hold it in your heart as stars come out each night to remind us of the unfailing love we got freely from our Father in Heaven.

Rejoice Just Like Every Child Seeing The Wake of The Christmas Season.


Merry Christmas In Advance to All My Readers, Audience and Followers.