Wednesday, August 5, 2020

For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids

Manners for Kids - Exclusive Guide for Mums


Shocking! Do you know that your children can think, it’s because you don’t love them, that’s why you beat or discipline them for their mistakes?

Repeated use of punishment without actual teaching will create more aggressive behaviours in your children. 

No matter which type of discipline you use with your children when they go wrong, the ultimate goal of your parenting strategy should be to teach them to behave better next time, and not make them suffer for their wrongs.

To improve your child long-term positive behaviour, use punishments that teach specific skills, such as teaching them to watch out for the inappropriate behaviour, you're trying to help them fix, so it doesn't repeat itself. Controlling their impulse to repeat the same bad behaviour, thinking about the potential consequences of misbehaving and resisting unhealthy temptations to conduct themselves unruly. 

Having this knowledge before correction, will fix bad behaviour and help your children learn to behave prolifically in the long run. 

Here’s is my book, For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent Kids that you must read to leverage life important manners that are essential for your children and bring them up in the best possible ways.

Now, if you’re about to become a mother or a new mum, this is the best time to start learning relevant manners to impart to your child. And if you’ve already raised grown-up children, it isn’t too late yet to pull wisdom from the strategies mentioned in my book to brush up on your teens’ manners.

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Love and happier parenting, πŸ’—⁣⁣⁣

~ Damilola Ogunremi⁣⁣

Author, Etiquette Consultant, Trainer, &

Keynote Speaker, Expert in Business Coaching

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