Sunday, March 10, 2024

Happy Mother's Day

A mother's worth is incalculable and cannot be overstated. She gives up her wants and needs to ensure your happiness. Her presence in your life has the potential to have a profound impact. She teaches you the virtues of kindness, love, godliness, and perseverance in the face of difficulty. Her worth is immeasurable, and her love is unselfish. If you have one like this in your life, consider yourself fortunate.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Damilola Ogunremi,

Your Coach and Consultant

Monday, December 25, 2023

Wishing You A Merry Christmas

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas with your loved ones and friends, and I hope 2024 brings you all health, happiness, prosperity, and peace.

I appreciate you taking my courses, buying resources, and reading my articles. I sincerely hope the values you have discovered this year motivate you to do your best.

I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming year. I've been working in the background to create more helpful content. So, keep a lookout in the New Year for tips and strategies to polish your writing skills and elevate your success.

I will talk about it in detail in the interview and review page and let you know once it is done. I also plan to make out time for book reviews for the upcoming year. However, the author will donate a small Amazon gift card to this course to support my work. I will go into more detail about it on the interview and review page and let you know when it's done.

Savour the joyous occasion.

​​​​​​​Warm wishes,

Damilola Ogunremi

Monday, December 4, 2023

Choose Activities That Will Provide both Short-Term and Long-Term Returns

I just finished the first draft of my book, Mastering Relationship Etiquette for Singles: Your Guide to Navigating the Dating Scene with Grace this morning, and I'm feeling really proud of myself. Of course, there's still a lot of work to be done before it's ready for publication. I have to revise and write subsequent drafts, but I'm praying for the strength and fortitude to bring it to a polished, finished draft.


Today, I wanted to share a quick tip with you about maximizing your time. When it comes to investing your time, it's crucial to choose activities that will provide both short-term and long-term returns.


Another important factor to consider when investing your time is the consequences. Every action you take can have positive or negative consequences. Sometimes things will go as planned, and other times they won't.


However, even negative consequences don't necessarily mean that your efforts are in vain. It may mean that you need to change your approach or persevere through a difficult season. In all things, spend your time wisely. When you're old and frail, you'll look back on your life and wish you had spent your time more productively.


Remember, it's better to try and fail than to do nothing and have nothing to show for your time.


I hope you have a wonderful week. The RCCG Annual Holy Ghost Congress is taking place this week. If you can, I would like you to attend in person or watch it online. May you and I both experience Divine Repositioning in our destiny. Amen!


Damilola Ogunremi,

Love and Light


Tuesday, November 7, 2023

"Every Avenue to Light," Coming Soon!


Be on the lookout for "Every Avenue to Light," an extraordinary collection of 25 intriguing poems that are written with incredible depth. 


This enthralling anthology of poetry addresses themes of destiny, struggle, love, greatness, and the omnipotence of the Almighty God. It draws inspiration from an array of life happenings. These poignant verses will take you on a soulful journey that is both transformative and inspiring, touching on topics ranging from life and death to joy and sorrow. The depth of these verses is sure to leave a positive impact on anyone who reads them. 


So keep an eye out for this poetry book by me!


Love and light.💚💡


Damilola Ogunremi


Hard Times A Poem by Damilola Ogunremi

 Hard times, oh hard times, they build our strength like clay

Molding us into something strong, day by day

With every trial and test, we grow and become

A masterpiece of resilience, a work of art divine.


In the furnace of adversity, we're forged and refined

Our inner strength and character intertwine

Like steel that's tempered in fire, we emerge anew

Ready to face whatever life may bring to view.


The wisdom born of hardship guides us on our way

To a future bright and full of grace

For though the path be winding and long

We know that in the end, we'll find our place


So let not hard times discourage or dismay

For in them lies the power to make us stay

Stronger than before, with hearts of gold

And destinies that shine like stars in the cold.


~ Damilola Ogunremi

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Authors' Curtilage Quotes


Authors' Curtilage Quotes

Staying on the right path in life is crucial. It's important to avoid the temptation to stray, even temporarily. By keeping your purity and preserving your dignity, you empower yourself to achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life. Remember that every decision you make shapes your future, so stay focused and committed to your values.



Happy Mother's Day

A mother's worth is incalculable and cannot be overstated. She gives up her wants and needs to ensure your happiness. Her presence in yo...