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“Runaway from the connections that are not good for you, disconnect from a toxic relationship, and those who think you are not enough. But, also tackle the devil within you, so you’re not self-sabotaging yourself and grounding your own energy."

         Damilola Ogunremi

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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

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Some Sources for Generating New Story Ideas


Generating great story ideas can happen in many ways.  

In this activity, I invite you to create your own story using the sources in the images. I have used Observations, Memories, Reactions, Experiences, and feelings. If you don’t want to use my starting idea sample, you can come up with your own by using the sources.

Think about this exercise critically. Choose a story with one of the sources. Define the genre. Decide the main character and other characters. Pick your settings, structure the events in the story and plot points that will drive the story forward. Write, revise, build on your story and bring it to polished draft.

Was the post helpful? If you want to start a career in screenwriting, write a book or build on your existing writing skills, I have classes that will help you develop a story with believable characters, dialogue, suspense, and story/character arcs.

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Wishing you writing and publishing success. 💗

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