Monday, January 1, 2018


Unlock the secrets that unlocks an estimable you. . . 

This effectively structured dynamic book would modify your life in so many ways positively. 

There are beguiling, and influential ideas in Bob Selden’s book – it’s the helpful future that eliminates the ruthless, piercing, out bursting malicious past completely. 

There are regular attitudes, actions, words and phrases we see as normal which cause conflict and emotional upset in our career, family and relationship and then, bring about irreparable damage from time to time. That is why the book DON’T provides the building blocks for developing positive outlook, positive self-assertion, success thought and thinking, impactful behavior, communication and life conduct. 

For close to a year I had this book and couldn’t read it considering lots of commitments I jungle day in, day out. Once I made out the time to read it, I couldn’t drop it again. The etiquette and image consultant in me was glad the author of this book shared it with me. I had regret for abandoning the book for so long. The voice in my head was like “see what you would have missed out on.”  DON’T brush up my knowledge, wisdom and intelligence as a consultant, a partner, a parent to be as well as an individual. 

DON’T: HOW USING THE RIGHT WORDS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE is worth a five star review. It’s a must read book for every productive, progressive and wise individual.  I recommend this book.

DON’T by Bob Selden would energize your life all round in this new business year.  To order a copy of DON’T for $16:99 go to AMAZON. Enhance your 2018 with remarkable success through DON’T. It’s your moment!

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