Saturday, September 14, 2013

Prima Felix Concepts Hollywood Screenwriting Workshop Debut 2013

I would like to send a warm and well deserved thank you to Mr. Femi Odugbemi, Executive Director for iRep, for supporting the Prima Felix Concepts Hollywood Debut Screenwriting Workshop with DVWORX Studios. Also my heartfelt thank you goes to Mr. Amuda of Music Africa for using Music Africa as a TV medium of awareness for the workshop for several months without charging a dime. I can't forget the kindness of Bloggers that used their blogs/websites to create further awareness for the workshop.

Although the workshop didn't have the luck of a full class, however, my first and valued trainee Agoro Abiodun Ishola, was quite glad he invested in the workshop that dig deeper into the craft of cinematic storytelling, and gives hope of success in the end, after mastering the craft.

For those of you who besides your other careers, plans to start a career in screenwriting as a coach/writer, the start maybe rough. You will encounter a rust and, an aggressive standup, especially if you are in a country like Nigeria that most people do not give a hoot about what benefiting knowledge you've got to offer if you don't already have fame -   a country where some people will find your gifts and tight skills as a threat and, do whatever, it takes to kick you the hell out of the picture if you are the pliant type.

What am I saying? If i did not encourage myself, and quite certain of where I'm going, my writers workshop debut almost suffered great failure....

Wherever you might find yourself in life, in whatever field you choose to practice, my advice, never say die, never quit, never say no, never lay down, never let yourself down, never give up, never give in. Even though you fall, never fail. Just get back up and try again, over and over till you get to your desire haven!!

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