Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Authors' Curtilage Quotes | Keep the Light On Yourself

Don't take the light off yourself by having a self-deprecating perspective when immature, shallow, spiteful, and malevolent people try to dim your light. Some individuals shine because they are positioned in the sunshine, while others shine because they are the sun. Recognize the light you emit and adopt a worldview that enables you to live a life free from the evil, egotistical, and self-centred control and grasp of men.

Your superhero behavior is completely controlling how horrible individual's deeds, and situations affect you rather than allowing them to degrade and depress you.

As you continue in the year, don't let anyone's attempts to dim or obscure your shine interfere with the big visions you have for your life, cause you to abandon your ambitions, or cause you to walk out of God's plans for your life. You cannot avoid these adversaries—human or otherwise—on your trek toward destiny. So, whatever comes your way, continuously develop a plan of action to succeed. Face your life, relationships, and business with complete confidence.

I pray you have a fruitful week and month ahead.

Your Professional friend and Coach,
Damilola Ogunremi

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