Monday, December 3, 2012

Invisible Slave Masters.

Invisible Slave Masters by Darmie Orem

I freed from bondage of thee.

In the horrific ocean voyage of the midnight,
 When stars are not shining, when the passenger all around me converse in tongues I know not to the chronicles of the grieving events of my life; when the winds are breathing heavily down my sobs, when my thoughts with the distance journey traveled to the Legend Land, in my heart I feel shackles broken. 

Though the Stranger sees my explanation of demonic torment to be barbaric superstition, he hath helped me with description to the Legend Land where streets are paved with golden stones, tied, smooth and narrow like the paths to the Creator's Harbor.

The doors to the houses there are wide like the size of a garage. The tender blowing air in the city is balm to the troubled soul.

Like a journey into a sweet dream, the Land speaks of ancient glamor like paradise from the other side.
Then it dawn  upon my heart as I follow the foot path to the Legend harbor that I live on the other side of this wealthy Land.

Poverty, Lack, Limitation and Loneliness has become my inseparable companions.
O, that I might be lifted from grass to high places with the help of the Legend of my life whom I seek.

Rid of all my worldly clothing, my Legend, the Exorcist; wrapped the snow sparkling apparel round my body gaunt from suffering and a piece of it round my head.

The exorcism was not the usual type of rolling on the floor, pointing the cross at wild demons type portrayed in the fictional world of movies.

It was done prophetically with prayers observed in strange language naming each of the INVISIBLE SLAVE MASTERS - the evil entities that has  imprisoned my glory from the day of my conception.

Tied to the leafy palm tree lighted about with seven white candles; cross laid at my feet.

My heart thumps loudly in my chest looking down at the exorcist, the legend kneeling at the front of the Holy Book.

There is only one question in my head which is - is this the chosen exorcist, the Legend meant to rescue me in life to my Land of Glory?

Weather he is or not, my heart intervene with my deliverance.
And from within my soul I freed from the decade torments of the Invisible Slave Masters.

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