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Brian Michael Good discusses his new book “Never Surrender Your Soul”

Brian Michael Good is a self-made man. He has lived a life buffeted by character-altering hurricanes. His life storms began in his trauma-filled childhood within his dysfunctional family.
He survived childhood verbal, physical, and sexual abuse; the death of two siblings; the stigma of being homeless - not once, but three times; two bankruptcies; a six-pound cancer that was doubling every two months; a near-fatal suicide attempt in 2003; the death of his best friend; three divorces; and the rejection of his only daughter. How can one man encounter so many hurricanes, survive them, learn from them, and then strive to make the world a better place? This was the question Brian asked himself that led to “Never Surrender Your Soul.”

DO: How are you? Thank you for joining us today on Authors’ Curtilage Book Dialogue.
BMG: It’s great to have the opportunity to be here to talk about my book,“Never Surrender Your Soul.”
D.O: Your publicist told me that you are on a book tour.How has it been so far?
BMG: This is my first book tour. It is fresh, new, and exciting for me.
D.O: Oh, you are welcome to the club. When did you know you wanted to become a writer?
BMG: After graduating college, I never expected to write a book,since I had failed my writing proficiency exam twice before passing it on the third attempt, which was a requirement to receiving my Bachelor of Science Degree in Management and Economics. I decided to become a writer so that I could help others. With “Never Surrender Your Soul” I aim to reach out to anyone who is down, sad, hopeless, in pain, or thinks life is no longer worth living. I want them to know that they are not alone in their experiences. I feel that what I learned from my own personal experiences can give people hope.
D.O: Actually if we face the truth, in life there will always be the time when fate is not favorable. And there will always be the time of swarming joy if we don't surrender to defeat during test. You have a good goal Brian. What are the various crafts you’ve studied before you came into the publishing industry, or do you simply possess a natural tendency to write?
BMG: In 1994, I became an entrepreneur when I opened my own job recruiting company. During my thirteen years as a recruiter, I wrote over a thousand resumes. I learned to write by the rote method. As my writing began to develop a style of its own, I studied proper sentence structure on the web. In 2008, I started writing a journal with the intention of publishing a book.Without the help of others, I never would have published my book. No human is an island if they want to be successful.
D.O: Hmm. You are correct on that. What are the steps you took to develop your book from a rough draft into a published book?
BMG: Helga Holscher, who I met in 2008 and who reviewed my journal in early 2009, gave me much needed encouragement. Stacie Morgan, even though she was working on her novel in the research stage, reviewed my writings and gave me suggestions that helped me to begin to pull together some initial ideas that proved helpful in the creation of the book’s vision in 2010. Three different women assisted me in the editing process during various stages.
D.O: No, is island. [SMILES] What did you do in your book to inspire readers?
BMG: “Never Surrender Your Soul”is a heartfelt and deeply thought through book that provides positive encouragement. In it, I share my personal experiences, which can help others to know who they want to be.It also helps people to understand why they are who they are.There are many chapters in life in which a person must learn from to reach a better existence. If a person is spiritual, the suffering they experience in life is only part of the lesson. The most important part is to overcome the challenges faced. A person must examine their flaws and try to fix them. Then, in the next chapter of their life, they will live a better existence, one with compassion and tolerance for others.
D.O: That's quite inspiring Brian. I'm touched. What sensitive material does your book discuss?
BMG: Corporal punishment is one sensitive topic that I explore in my book. I share how my childhood was filled with tension, excessive discipline,and yelling – at home and at grammar school – and how it instilled fear in me. I share how it traumatized me and how it contributed to a lower self-esteem and academic performance during my formative developmental years. I also share how years later I attempted death by suicide. Sharing my lowest moments with others in my book helps others to not feel alone in their struggles and to have the courage to change their life.
D.O:  What’s the subject matter of your book?

BMG: “Never Surrender Your Soul” speaks of finding your destiny, spirituality, God, and religious texts. It discusses reincarnation, health, family, parenting, work, and life struggles, and deciphers the truth about these personal/spiritual-growth subjects.

D.O: What is the underlying theme that explores truth or moral in your book?
BMG: To illustrate this, I’d like to share an excerpt from a review submitted by JD on February 26, 2015:
“I would definitely recommend this [book] to anyone wanting to make changes in their lives or if they have children that are feeling lost. I think this book can help others not only learn about religions and spirituality, but to open the door to learning about oneself.”
D.O: Having a unique point of view in a book provides the book with intention. From which viewpoint is your book written?
BMG: My book is written from my perceptive. I share my own experiences and knowledge to help people who are struggling in life.
D.O: What do you want most in the world – for yourself and others?

BMG: I want everyone to have the following, which is a snippet from my book, “Never Surrender Your Soul.” Enjoy the pearls of spirituality…


Have tolerance and respect towards others and their culture.
No one should resolutely affect your pursuit of the truth.
Avoid judgment of ethnic, racial, sexual orientation, gender identity, and religious differences in society.
Do not attempt to control anyone’s free will.
Avoid gossip, bullying, rumors, hearsay, hazing, harassment, shaming, shunning, and slurs.
Forgiving others sets us free. Leave any vengeance to Weshemehe [my word for “God”]. Trust that Weshemehe will judge all of us.
Do not steal anything in any way.
Integrity and honor should be part of every fabric of your beliefs.
Do not kill emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually.
Trust and loyalty should define your relationships.
Value the passion you have for your life’s work more than you value material gain.
Have kindness, compassion, and empathy towards others and the natural environment.
D.O: Thanks for sharing that precious counsel with us. What do you do to achieve your goal of helping others?
BMG: I share my experiences and life challenges I have faced, and I ask the reader to address their own personal issues.I hope that by reading my book readers will be encouraged to overcome difficult times in their life.
D.O: What are your core truths?
BMG: I believe that being able to deal with life’s sudden changes makes you a survivor, which defines your human spirit and soul. What is most important in life are your beliefs, since they have everything to do with how you live. By learning from your experiences, you will be able to have peace in your life.
D.O: Do these values make sense from your backstory?
BMG: Yes. People need to find their own destiny, as I have found mine.
“Find a purpose for your life and you will do extraordinary things. You are in the center of your happiness when you pursue your passion. When you pursue your passion, you are the master of your environment. When you are the master of your environment, you often meet your destiny.”
D.O: What is the main message that you offer your readers?
BMG: “Fear not. Never look back, never give up, never stop trying, never quit, not even a bit.”I want my readers to know: No one can defeat you. You can only defeat yourself.
D.O: How do you think your book positively influences your readers’ growth?
BMG: “Never Surrender Your Soul” is a very positive book that initiates change in others.I would like to share a pearl of wisdom from  my book that seeks to motivate my readers to make changes in their life:
“Life’s experiences are not woven with a constant thread; life in our world is constantly changing. We must re-purpose what we have endured and the lessons we have learned, creating a renewed sense of hope. Life is what it is. The question is: What are you willing to do to change your life?”– Brian Michael Good
D.O: Any hint about your next book?
BMG: I recently decided that the second book I will publish will be about organic and natural skincare. As an eCommerce entrepreneur, I have sold organic and natural skincare for 14 years and have earned excellent testimonials during this time. I have written many articles from my expertise and I placed these on my website. I have more than enough material for a book.
D.O: [SMILES] I can't to have you back on Authors' Curtilage.

BMG: I can't wait to be back here. Thank you.

D.O: What do you suggest to writers to have great sales in the ever-changing economics of the publishing industry?
BMG: Write a book for the right reasons, purpose, and for your enjoyment. I wrote “Never Surrender Your Soul” to help other people. I found out after the book was published that in writing it I had saved myself.
As far as book sales, bear in mind that most books make three hundred dollars of sales a year and twenty-five percent of writers earn seventy-five percent of the sales.
D.O: It's been rewarding chatting with you. Thank you once again for joining us on Authors’ Curtilage Book Dialogue. May your work obtain you fame, fortune, and honor. It deserve it. I wish you continued inspiration, ideas, and all that is good.
BMG: It has been a pleasure to connect with your readers at Authors’ Curtilage. I hope that what I shared today will encourage your  readers to allow “Never Surrender Your Soul”to be their guide to helping themselves, embrace positive thinking, live a happier life, and find their destiny.
Publisher: Big Bang Publishing
Publication Date: December 29, 2014
Genre: Self-Help/Spiritual/Memoir
Formats: Paperback, Kindle
Print Length: 104 pages
Paperback Price: $8.00
Kindle Price: $2.99

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