Thursday, November 24, 2016

If you’re a serious writer…or want to be…

Then you simply must have this incredible software!

If you’ve ever written anything longer than 4 pages, then you can actually create an e-book out of that content!

Sure, you could make it a PDF, or just a Word Doc, but let’s be serious-

If you want to be taken seriously, if you want your content to be considered “real” then you need to present it in a professional format!

I faced this very problem when I first started writing and used the internet for distribution. I had no idea how to take a book galley or a manuscript and turn it into something that people would actually read. (or even find easy to read!)

But that was years ago, and since then, my team and I have created the most incredible “Publishing” Software available. This software will output your documents in actual “e-book” format. With title graphics, with copyright notices, with Cover Images, with a forward, an afterward, references…with whatever you need for your particular E-Book.

Stop “faking it” and step up to presenting yourself in a professional manner.

--->Come take a look at this downloadable software right now.

The difference between “pretty good” and “great” isn’t that far- and you can CHOOSE to go from good to great with this software. Be the Pro you’ve always wanted to be. Don’t let your image be tarnished with a product that isn’t the best.

It will make everything you write look like a million bucks! (and give you a chance to make that kind of living with your writing…)

Come be part of the Electronic Publishing Revolution >>>>

Put your best foot forward, put your best e-book forward!

Trent Steele, Editor
Write Street Newsletter
Part of the Self Development  Network

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