Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Make Your Writing Essential Reading

If you’re a writer (whether you’re paid or not,) then you want to make sure that you’re producing the best version of your message possible!

If you’re hoping to get paid for your writing then
you MUST produce the best version of your message possible.

Readers have to not only comprehend your message,
but they also need to understand the tone, the voice,
the context in which your words are speaking – to THEM!

You know that English is a “living language” with new words added to the dictionary every year (over 1000 were added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2015 alone- and that’s not including sub-entries…) and new phrases becoming part of the lexicon.

And communicating is a shifting landscape. 
It’s ok to start a sentence with “and” now. Given the right context. ;-)

So we’ve made it easy for you to stay completely abreast of what you need to know, when you need to know it, to get the most out of your writing. Our friend (and bestselling writer, Nick Daws) has put together a tremendous “cheat sheet” for anyone who takes their writing seriously.

You can get it right here >>>>

Come and see how much value Nick has packed into an easy to use, definitive reference guide to Writing English: The Essentials of English- For Authors.

If anyone can cut through the jungle that our language has become, it’s Nick. Let him give you your own “machete” to cut through the noise, have your voice heard, your message understood, and have your point taken.

The Essentials of English –For Authors will become any writer’s best friend. I know it’s become mine. I keep it on my desktop and refer to it daily- at least once.

Come check it out >>>>

It’s Essential for a reason!

The best in Writing
Trent Steele, Editor
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