Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Attention Writers: This Market is ONLY getting bigger!

The revolution of electronic publishing is NOT OVER! In fact-it’s only JUST BEGUN! I want to make sure you, as a valued subscriber to my newsletter, take maximum advantage of this once-in- a-lifetime opportunity. It’s truly like being in the foothills of California at the beginning of the Gold Rush!

We’ve put together a quick presentation to show you exactly how you can boost your profile as an up-and- coming author, get yourself published, and earn a generous income to boot!

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But first, let me introduce you to Amanda Hocking, who is a life-long Minnesotan resident.

She started experimenting with these methods and in less than a year has a handful of paranormal and romance titles published on Kindle –which pays royalties of up to 70% on every titles sold, shattering the rest of the industry’s 7% to 15% averages.

Most of her books sell for a reasonable $8.99.

That means she gets around $6.30 for every copy sold.

And according to the latest statistics, her monthly sales volume recently exceeded 100,000. That would be over six-hundred THOUSAND dollars from Amazon’s Kindle platform – every month.

Or take Aaron Patterson. He lives in Idaho and published two thrillers on Kindle not too long ago. He’s now selling about 4000 copies a month, bringing in an estimated twenty- eight thousand dollars per month.

And these individuals aren’t alone.

Thousands of authors are earning big money already by cashing in on the Kindle Revolution- STILL. And they’ve made it easier than ever to do so.

Years after its initial launch, the popularity of Kindle books is still exploding! Even small single titles are easily getting hundreds of monthly sales.

This isn’t a passing fad. This is the future of publishing.

And it’s never been more democratic!!

Even a relatively small book, priced at $2.99 and selling just 500 copies a month –which is very realistic when you have the right methods and strategies in place – will bring in an extra one thousand dollars a month, or twelve-thousand dollars per year.

So please, don’t waste a moment and
 check out this presentation right now!

There’s a revolution going on in the publishing world right now. Will you be part of it?

You can be. Right here. Right now. >>>>>

Let us show you exactly how!

Trent Steele, Editor
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