Friday, June 2, 2017

Can The Same Sales Letter be Effective 28 years later?

I’m sure you’ve heard of The Wall Street Journal, but did you know that there was one single sales letter that was mailed for over 28 years, the exact same one, which eventually turned The Wall Street Journal into the success it is today.

And that is just one example of how powerful copywriting can completely flip the script for both publishers and the companies they write for.

There is a secret though, the writer of this letter, Martin Conroy didn’t come up with the copy on his own, he used a trick that hardly anyone knows, a cheat that gave him the edge in his copywriting.

Let me take a moment to introduce John A. he’s unlocked the secret to powerful copywriting, and has had amazing success with it.

One campaign he ran pulled in over 25 million, and another he did for a client produced 14 million.

Pretty impressive, right?

Today, he’s sharing this knowledge with fellow writers, he wants everyone to be able to understand this “secret” to copywriting to catalyze their own publishing into the next level.

Whether you’re writing copy for your own business, or do it as a living for others, having the knowledge to boost current sales is what every writer wants.

So, stop scratching your head on how to craft powerful, successful copy and check out what John has to share in his new Copywriting Crash Course.

To your future in copywriting!
Trent Steele, Editor
Write Street Newsletter
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