Friday, February 12, 2021

Never Switch This. . .


Instilling the right traits in your children, and giving them the future they deserve in life isn’t really about the money. There are times in life that a disaster may strike, and cause a long-term drastic change in family financial circumstances.

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to help your children transit into this change without losing your parental ‘respect.’

In poverty, still, keep good ideals. Ensure a holistic development of your children’s character.

Even when your children do honest work to support the family financially, ‘defy switching your fatherly or motherly role with the child role.’ Collecting money from the children doesn’t mean they have become the parent.

If you let your children grow up to see you as ‘nothing,’ such perception will be difficult to change later on in life.

Never lay a foundation for a foolish life for your children.

Form in your children substantial values.

Raise your chances of happier and an exalted future.

Love & Happier Parenting.💗

Damilol Ogunremi,

Author of Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent kids. 

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