Monday, July 19, 2021

Are You A Better Writer?


Writing a good book or a screenplay is the foundation for every opportunity that follows the publication of your book or the financing of your screenplay project. As a result, your book or screenplay must be outstanding in every respect. This is a tall order for any writer that wants to lure top studio executives to option their screenplay and attract readers when the book is finally published.


A glossy book cover, bought reviews or star appeal and great cinematography cannot save a poor story.


Elevate your writer’s status.


To be a better writer, develop the tools needed to write a successful book/screenplay, including the rules of novel/cinematic storytelling, script formatting, and the process of writing.


Become a better screenwriter this summer with our masterclass. Gain access to exclusive lessons taught by me. Our workshops are perfect for anyone getting started on their path to becoming a screenwriter or writing a book. The workshop sessions allow you to put the theories taught into action on your own material. Book a coaching session today to deepen your overall knowledge and hone your writing skills.


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Selection of services offered:

🌑 Screenwriting Classes


🌑 Novel Writing Classes


🌑 Manuscript/Novel Critique.

🌑 Advance Screenplay/Novel Development.

🌑 Primary Screenplay/Novel Development.

🌑 Screenplay/Novel Consultation.

🌑 Online Manuscripts and Screenplays Proofing Services.


Your friend and Coach,

Damilola Ogunremi.



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