Monday, August 2, 2021

The Key Ingredients Your Story Idea Should Have

Dear Writer, your story concept is the idea behind your screenplay or a novel you’re working on. It’s the first step in the writing process. And how you tell this story including the components it carries will determine whether or not you will have good success. The following are the essential features your story should have. Make sure you reflect them in all your writing material.

The Story

Your story idea should tell who the story is about, and what he or she wants to accomplish in the story.


  • The level of your grammar must be accurate.
  • You must have the correct format, indentations, and scene headings.
  • Your overall style and depth of narrative must be 10%.
  • Your genre must be clear.

  • Your writing must be concise, action-driven and visual
  • Your hook/concept and premise must be clear.
  • Your scene placement and construction of scenes must be written cohesively and must flow naturally.
  • There must be a clear dilemma of magnitude that sets your story up.
  • There must be a crisis that forces your protagonist to take decisive action about his or her dilemma.
  • The conflict of your story must rise to drive it forward.
  • Your story must culminate in a strong crisis – the make or break point – that demands an immediate response.
  • There must be subplots that resolve in the end.


  • Your character must be memorable and well-described throughout your story.
  • There must be a central protagonist and antagonist that clash and create conflict in your story.
  • Your characters must be developed with and range. Their traits must be precise, and their worldview must be justifiable.
  • Your character must have a distinct voice.
  • Your characters motivations, goals and actions must be clear.
  • Your character arcs must be well developed. They must learn to grow from their actions.


  • Your dialogue must be authentic according to the setting and environment of your story.
  • Your character traits must reflect in their dialogue.
  • Your characters' dialogue must accomplish a purpose, set something up, pay it off, and move the scene forward.
  • Your characters' dialogue must deliver on multiple levels with subtext.

Trend & Commercial

  • Your story concept must be fresh, unique, and original to have a unique selling point.
  • The hook must be compelling enough to keep the reader engaged.
  • The theme must be powerful enough to resonate with the audience.
  • It is must be commercial to appeal to a wide audience.
  • Its premise must be large enough in scope to appear on the silver screen.

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