Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Never Let A Child Control You


Do your children control every situation at home?


Do they always want things their way and not your way?


And if they don't get their way, nothing gets done?


Aha! This is certainly an issue here for you to address.


Acting like a child is one thing, and wanting to control is another thing.


It's important you know the difference as a parent.


Just getting the children out of your hair when they dish out nasty attitudes and laying off will do nothing for their growth.


The stakes are too high when it comes to your children's behaviour because it concerns their development and future.


To avoid a behaviour far more challenging ahead, nip a behaviour that's nasty in the bud straight away to allow the children to recognize the seriousness of their misbehaviour.


Sit the children down and let them know a cause of action happens when they misbehave.


Address and correct naughty behaviour, give clear and realistic expectations and follow through.


Never become a pushover for your children.🚸 Raise them without straining your authority.


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