Sunday, March 6, 2022

My Life At 40!


So, it’s my Ruby Jubilee. I’m 40 today! 4 decades! The young life turns into the mature one, and the new phase of life starts. This is huge, I sincerely must say. The Rock who begot me, I'm happy you've preserved my life. My Lord, my life, the length of my days. I thank you for not allowing the storms of life to swallow me up. I thank you for the journey thus far. I thank you for you shall go with me in this new phase of my life. I thank you for you shall not leave me nor forsake me.

I pray this milestone birthday brings an increase in happiness for me.

Life at 40 shall be blissful for me.

I shall enjoy comfort.

What’s missing shall be found.

The gaps shall be filled.

The excess shall be subtracted and my values, the things that give meaning and purpose in my life shall upsurge.

My life shall improve.⁣ The toxic circle shall fall by the wayside.

I shall lead a healthier life.⁣ I shall become wiser.⁣ I shall evolve significantly.

The rest of my life shall be the best of my life. My future shall be better than the past and the rest of my days shall reflect God more accurately, in Jesus name.

Happy 40th Birthday to ME.

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