Thursday, November 29, 2012

Knowing Your Screenplay Concept

 You are about to write a screenplay. You've got the characters, plots springing up in your head and you can't wait to start churning out of all these ideas. Before you write your script, I want you to ask yourself this simple question, is my story a marketable concept?

All right let's look through this writing lesson article.

All compelling screenplay starts with a concept. The concept is the invented idea behind a screenplay. This is usually a short outline which tells the characters that the story is about; their conflicts and their story goals. The concept is the first thing in screenwriting or novel writing progression. The industry identifies two kinds of story concepts, succinct concept and soft stories. The first stresses action and the second highlights character.

 Marketable High Concept Stories

The majority of producers in Hollywood are looking for high concept screenplays. A high concept scripts are usually point out in a few lines. They are exceptional and have wide audience charm. A high concept script will often have all of these elements present to make it worth its class and they will always get you as the writer in production companies that don't look at unsolicited scripts. Their selling peak is often the story, and not the characters, so their review will contain a minimum of description. But this doesn't mean that great characters cannot be built into a high concept scripts.

The Soft Story Concept

They are the opposite of the emphatic character with IMMENSE problem and the three word logline a high concept story has. They are motivated by many characters interaction, captivating events and dialogue which is the key to their breakthroughs. 

Finding The Hook

All stories are worth telling, and they have been told, so what's the spectacular twist on your story which will make the universe roar? What's that unique idea in your story that will grab the attention of the script reader to keep her turning pages till fade out and your later audience to stay glue to their TV or not willing to depart from the theatre after watching your movie? In the film business this is what they call the hook, beacause it hooks audience into watching the movie.

That's it on Knowing Your Screenplay Concept. I hope you find this article useful as a guide when deciding your concept. Till I come your way again, take care!

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