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Tales of Deborah Story Backdrop

                                      TALES OF DEBORAH WORKING BOOK COVER

DEBORAH OLAKOTAN, a London trained nurse, has been badly hurt – wrongly jilted by a man who she used to love and gave her all and betrayed by a best friend she trusted with her heart and her man. She throws her life away to take revenge on men, becomes cynic believing a lie that all men are the same but someplace within her still harbors her romantic desire about finding true love. JIMMY OSAGIE on the other hand, has turned his own hurts into a coldly game, becomes a cold-hearted, self-centered and calculating womanizer who hurts tender-hearted women.

When they each met on their voyage of self-vengeance, Deborah wants a man she could maltreat, use, pay off as usual but Jimmy seeks a deceptive romantic relationship in order to get a woman’s money and properties and then dump her. Of all his conquests, Deborah was the weirdest and toughest so he has to marry her to later walk out on their relationship. 

One of them would exceed the time set to quit the vengeance, and tumble into the world of tragic consequences, they had wished they considered well before taking the truncheon to wade into a wrestle that might take a great deal out of them both. Hard insistent hitting, someone’s teeth broke loose, bones ruptured, eyes jarred out of its sockets, skull crushed, bleeding blood. Someone pays a price for revenge with his life and the other end up with a child...


Battered lovers decide to seek revenge

Status Quo
Their lives before they were betrayed

Hero: Deborah Olakotan

Sidekick: Bimpe the close friend of the hero with qualities to compliment her

Mentor: The mother, the older wise person who guides hero to maturity

Antihero: Jimmy Osagie


NEED: The core need for Deborah is to find true love.  She wants more than anything to love and be loved back, but this she believes impossible.

THE GREATEST FEAR: She is scared of being betrayed and heartbroken over again since she had already suffered this misfortune in her past. 

THE LIE: The lies she tells herself is that all men are the same because the father left the mother for her friend and the first man she gave her heart did the same thing to her. Thus she couldn’t find true love because she blocks her own way.

Core Truths for the Hero

Values: Deborah believes no man should hurt a fellow human being and anyone who does should be greatly punished. Life, enjoyment, and the pursuit of riches and love, the hero believe are the ordinary right all men must have even though she herself struggles with all these things.

Contradicting Value: She believes nothing is better than to be without riches so she squanders her income as it comes in

Ambition:  To be rich, love and be loved back

Story Goal: How this hero plan to achieve her ambition 

This book is for readers of all ages. It has varieties of genre so I’m yet to determine the Dominant Genre. Hopefully before I am done with the finished product I will.
The moral message behind this book, which is the theme, is that, revenge only lead to the destruction of a person and society and no one should embark on it. 

Jimmy is indeed a rigid character. He refused to communicate his fear and a lot of things about himself to me. And I don’t want to go mechanically on him, but leave things organically around him. However, since he is an antihero, I let him be. After the heartbreaks he suffered back in his days at the University and the rustication, he traveled to the U.S furthered his education and found love with a White woman Caroline Kendall.
It was after this fulfillment Jimmy returned to Nigeria to look for Flora mother of his twins given to another man who happened to be his best friend back in the University days in Nigeria, and he began seeking his revenge. 

He was supposed to have quit on conquest number five and go back to his family but sin can be pleasurable so he continued to make women cry. 

One of the women he had hurt ran mad, and then one day escaped from the asylum where she was being taken care of to be run down by a car on the highway. Though she didn’t immediately die, however she passed on after some days in the hospital. The brother of the victim and gang located Jimmy and murdered him brutality.  
I think Jimmy deserves what he got. What do you think?

Hello everyone, 

Writing a book is way tougher than anyone could think it could be. This is my second book and I’m still drafting, drafting, reversing, editing, editing again before I will turn it over to an editor who will do the final editing for me before it goes into release. I’m creating a talk space for my readers and audience old and new to offer their inputs so that this book is exactly what you all want to see in the finished product. Please crowd-better my book with your ideas so that it can be a worthy copy for you to grab in the end.
Without all of you I’m just an entertainer, in an empty theater…  

So what do you think about this concept? Click on comment to leave your contribution.

Thank you.

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