Thursday, February 27, 2014

Book Cover Design Check

I quietly published the fiction paranormal fantasy book, Keeper of the Lesser Flame, around October 2012. Unfortunately, it was quite flawed, from editing and time jumps. Then, I was much after launching the name Darmie Orem, so that I could start the book blog Authors Curtilage with Darmie Orem. But, the idea of the book is too good to be ignored. Keeper of the Lesser Flame has a good storyline. Many book reviewers who has read this book ended up saying, "I've read many books and none have a feeling like this one. You can never predict how it would end; a good book should have this twist." I want to begin building subsequent draft for the book, polish it, republish it and, be known as its author. And the following are the working book cover designs by Madi Preda and son Alin-Cristian Oprea, a Tattoo Artist. 

A professionally designed book cover makes a difference in publishing, and according to Amazon it makes a big difference. So a professional designer’s expertise can mean the difference between selling lots of books and not selling very many when you are launched into any area of book publishing. So whenever you are in the market for a book cover design, hire Alin or Preda. Please, visit their websites by simply clicking on their names mentioned here in this post, to contact them at any time. Because of their expertise, I’m going to redesign the cover design for The Tales of Deborah, although still with my face on it. And this cover is going to be retouched by this skilled family. Only that I'll be paying this time around. #Smiles......
I must say before I'm out of here. The book cover designs were presented to me free of charge, as my birthday gift coming up on the 6th of Match? Madi and Alin are loving people. I say a big thank you to them for these precious gifts. Aunt Paulette Mahurin author of Persecution of Mildred Dunlap, once said to me, Darmie, continue to be this down-to-earth Darmie, and good will never seize to come your way. This is one of it. Entertainment is a business of friendship, please, let's learn to lend help to one another without expecting anything in return. But if your favor at any point is ever returned, be grateful and talk about it....

Back to the book cover designs. I like the blue cover design with the black woman. It depicts the mystery and mystic of the story Keeper of the Lesser Flame, with the moon watching patiently. It simply captures the essence of the story Keeper of the Lesser Flame… But, which of the book cover design do you think will be good for online and print publication? And how do you think your chosen design should be enhanced or become better.

Please, leave your opinion for me as a comment. Thank you.

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