Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Music Audio Stories

Are your little ones, having problems being inventive or your children with vision disabilities, struggling with great amusement, because they lack the right tool?

Recent research into human development has proven that parents truly are their children's first teachers. What parents do, or don't do, has a lasting impact on their child's reading skill and literacy. But many parents haven't yet known their ways round the most vital opportunities to motivating their children's imaginative skills as they grow and experience the world.

Music Audio Stories can help your children stimulate their productive senses and give the ones with impaired vision the fun that is crucial to their growth at a lower cost. That is what we guarantee.

Our stories are a great way to allow children to use their own imagination, acting out the stories, drawing how they imagine the characters to be, singing, dancing and joining in, stimulating their creative senses. They can be enjoyed by children aged 3 to 7 and are of great enjoyment to the blind. They can also be a useful learning tool for children with impaired vision or vision disabilities. One of the things that makes our audio stories special from others you may have heard, is the strong themed, original classical music behind the narration. Unlike other audio books, the music continues throughout and is an essential part of the stories. We combine cartoon style voices with Sound Effects to create movement in the sound and instill positive messages in each story.

During our years in the publishing field, so far, we have worked with actors and musicians including the Olivier nominated actor Paul Kaye - The original Mr Wormwood in the award winning West End hit musical Matilda as well as appearing in many TV and film roles such as Franky Wilde in the award winning 'It's all gone Pete Tong' and is currently in the new series of Game of Thrones and Tom Meadows - who can be found touring the world drumming for some of today's biggest artists such as Kylie Minogue.

We have a very unique website with behind the scenes video footage which no other audio book makers have done before and have just released two new stories, available on Amazon and iTunes. We also have a Free Download of March of The Ants, our first story, available on our website here: musicaudiostories
What's more, our Music Audio Stories are affordable. We only price them at 79p on iTunes and £1.09 on Amazon each.

Make your purchase today. We look forward to making learning easy and fun for your children.

Stories Available
March of The Ants (FREE download) 

Chris the Caterpillar

Johnny No Cash

Jimi & his friend Joe

The Big Apple

Music Audio Stories
By Busy Bees Publishing

Stories Narrated by Anna-Christina
Author Anna-Christina
Composed by Anna-Christina/Adie Hardy
Produced by Anna-Christina/Adie Hardy


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