Friday, June 27, 2014

Author Interview: Madi Preda Author of HOW TO PROMOTE AND MARKET YOUR BOOK

Today featured author is Madi Preda. She  is a freelance publicist, who started doing promotion for books and writers when her husband published his two novels. She created publicity campaigns for many writers, traditional or self published, publicizing more than 50 books within a year of launching her first campaign. Her mission is helping authors to gain more exposure and media coverage through her online marketing campaigns. As a result of her experience she decided to write a practical guide for authors, or aspiring writers, in marketing, explaining step by step how to make a book successful from the manuscript stage to wholesale distribution.

D.O: Howdy. Thank you for joining us today, on Authors' Curtilage Book Dialogue.

MP: Thank you for having me.

D.O:When did you know you wanted to become a writer?

MP: I never dreamed of becoming a writer. Doing promotion for books I gained some experience and built a big data base for books’ promotion and I found new strategies to gain more exposure for books and writers. After one year of doing that I thought it might be useful to share my knowledge with authors.

D.O: Oh, that's good. There is gain in sharing. What are the various craft you've studied before you came into the entertainment industry or do you just possess some natural tendencies to write stories?

MP: I coquetted with poetry a bit, and I blogged quite a lot. Writing a non fiction book or a business book if you like is a lot different from writing fiction. Talking and blogging about books and doing PR for writers was helping me in my writing process.

D.O: Mm. What are the steps you took to develop your book from a rough draft into a published novel?

MP: I made a plan in the beginning about which topics should I cover and then develop them. I’ve been using a few of my articles about marketing and everything else was coming from my experience.

D.O: What is in this book for the writers' feeling?

MP: I’ve been writing in a friendly way, to help and inspire authors to embrace and take an active role in their book’s publicity. An the feeling a writer would get reading this book.

D.O: What's the subject matter of your book?

MP: As the title suggests is a step by step guide on crafting the pitch and getting the message out, with case studies of well conceived publicity campaigns and building a writer platform. Also contains innovative strategies and ideas to market a book, how to use social media and lots of useful resources on getting reviews, book bloggers, media outlets, radio shows and many, many others.

D.O: What is the underlying theme that explored truth or moral in your book?

MP: I will mention here an expert in book marketing, Mr.Dan Poynter who kindly offered an article for my book which I am using as epilogue.
“Writing Your Book is just the beginning. The book writer now becomes the book promoter.”

D.O: Any hint about your next book?

MP: I don’t know, I am thinking about a book focused on teasers and promotional ads. I would like first to see how my debut is received on the market. 

D.O:  I have no doubt this would be widely accepted. What better effort do you suggest writers, input into their writing to have great sales in the ever-changing economics of the entertainment industry?

MP: The best effort is to write a good book and then make the most of it by exposing in the front of readers. I know that not every writer likes to talk about himself; without this the most wonderful book has no chance, so this is the hardest task: market themselves and market the book. Even if they employ a publicist, the writer remain the one who knows better the story and the message of the book so is the most authorized person to promote the book.

D.O: Thank you once again for joining us on Authors Curtilage Book Dialogue. May your days in the field be filled with fame, fortune, honor, story ideas, character development, and more, and all that is well.

MP: Thank you for giving me the opportunities to get the word out about How to Promote and Market Your Book.

This book will be publish by 1st of July 2014 with Smashwords, only in electronic edition.

So be the first to grab your copy!


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