Monday, January 26, 2015

Oracle by Dayo Ibitayo Arogbokun | Poetry Review

Author: Dayo Ibitayo Arogbokun
Rating: 5/5
Oracle is a poetry book that tells of greed, political scheming, suffering, spite, hatred, love, lust, gain, loss, death and sorrow. Besides the musically dexterously crafted words in which Dayo’s work is written, his voice in his book is very much of the people. The truest form of expression in the book makes his work different from amateurs. The description of events exhibited in the Oracle poems is astonishing. Effective poet like Dayo puts together words that create sounds and images that express more than what the words alone really say.

The poems stimulate the reader’s emotion, pulls him into intimate engagement with the world around him to reason deep, to feel, learn, and atone of any fault, love and share. The words used in the Oracle poems naturally rise from the scenery of distinct prose, spoken by dependable voice that is greatly concern for his people’s suffering. His own anguish, sense of humanity, and massive admiration for his people engage the readers’ sentiment.

Amongst other images that Dayo’s work represents, his book is a mirror of evacuating rottenness in individuals and the nation.

Oracle is felt most in proselytization of appropriate image in the poem ‘Rich man and his Lazarus ’

Rich man and his Lazarus
I ask
Why so much flesh for a soul
When millions are fleshless
Why cover yourself in fleece and carcasses
 When deep inside the buoyancy of your wardrobe
Hang and lay garments begging to have a taste of your skin

I ask
Why so much flesh for a soul
When billions can only boast of a piece of hide
That cannot even fetch the pleasure of a hungry and wingless mosquito?

Dayo Ibitayo Arogbokun couldn’t have found a better way to shape the impressions his book, Oracle have on its readers. This is one of the best poetry books around. The poem Rich man and his Lazarus continue on page 26 and 27 of the book Oracle.

Living in Nigeria or London? Get a copy of Oracle! Send the author an email to DAYO PHILLIPS [AT] GMAIL DOT COM and he will tell you how to get a copy of his book.

Disclaimer: The author of this book has not coerced me to say nice things about his book, the ideas expressed in this review are strictly base on my opinions. This blog receives no payment for review or interview.

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