Friday, December 10, 2021

For Mums: Golden Guidelines for Raising Excellent


I visited a woman in her home and was shown to the living room where I had my seat. There, I noticed a vibrant one year plus toddler running up and down giddily. Later, I and the woman had a discussion. Again, I noticed the toddler running up and down. This time around, he was using pee to decorate the room merrily. And then BOOM! He pooed!

After talking with the woman, I asked her why didn’t she give the toddler potty training early, so the child knows to head for the potty when he wants to pee or poo?

She said she tried a few times that the child won’t follow instructions. According to her, the child was too young to learn, and this was where I had a problem with her.

Some children often start later and take longer to learn to use the potty, but never say A CHILD IS TOO SMALL TO LEARN. As soon as your child starts exploring, start training them. Children are much trainable when they are much younger. Never make your child stubborn and resistant to training. 

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