Monday, December 6, 2021

Rewrite your script.

 As 2021 slowly ebb away, be in the protective mode of building your life.


Rewrite your script.


Get back to the basics of what you're trying to be in life.


Hold on to what is near and dear to you.


Take more authority, and control over the security of your spirit.


Release yourself from people that are behind your back pulling out the plug of your greatness and places that feel unstable and toxic. 


Let what is crowning you and your thoughts be growth. Things that will expand you. 


Become more disciplined.


Stop moving blindly into situations so you can enjoy more happiness with your choices.


Be calculated in your thoughts and actions.


Tap into the higher wisdom that you may receive from your team spirit.


Kick instability out of your life.


Increase your efforts to achieve your goals by doing lots of introspection on things you give your time and attention to.


Bring in a deeper level of creative power towards yourself. Use the resources around you and all elements. Don't slow yourself down by waiting for the big resources to arrive before you take action.


Spend time outdoors. Recharge yourself.


Keep close to those that want you to genuinely succeed. 


Protect yourself. Put up healthy boundaries. 


Stand your ground when you're being challenged. Let your no mean no. Don't go back on what you say.


If you're feeling overwhelmed with a never-ending to-do list, outsource your demanding business task to a virtual assistant, so you can have more time to invest in self-care and develop more ideas.


Be careful with who you give your energy and time. Don't be a people's pleaser basically. 


Build relationships that can help you increase business profit. You don't have to do it alone.


You're made for so much more here. You embody royalty. You're either loved or hated. When people show up as false lovers, false family or false friends in your life, don't allow them to have a negative influence over the way you think, behave or treat them. Rather, challenge them to get on your level, and protect your energy. Rewrite your script every chance you get in life. . .


Be the great white shark!




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