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DO: How was the experience transitioning from your formal profession to an author, or you have always been a writer all along?

CWT: From my early teens I always had the urge to be writing. I had read so many fantastic books and played such magical games that I had gained all the inspiration I needed to write, so I did. 8 years later, I’ve now written my very own trilogy!

DO: What is the general setting of your book and time frame?

CWT: When I started writing my fantasy series, I was certain that my book was going to be set on earth in medieval times, when witches were burnt at the stake, but now that I have finished writing the trilogy, I’m not so sure anymore. I think I have made up my own world, with its own cities. I never actually refer to the planet itself, but rather mention that it is set on a specific unnamed continent. The story itself pans over 4-5 years altogether, as there are 3 years between book one and two. The characters have certainly changed throughout that time, which is shown through the skills that they have learnt and their attitude towards their fellow comrades, but the ties of family and friendship are stronger than ever.

DO: Is your book centred on a specific appearance and lifestyle?

CWT: Not particularly, the characters are all from different social backgrounds. Many of the characters are young adults, with the odd exception of a little girl and several parental figures that I introduce throughout the story. There are varying points of view, from the main male protagonist, to the unknown queen that has been hiding for two decades, showing the different types of lives that they have lived.

‘Although human, Eblas was a Goddess due to the power of magic that pulsed through her veins. She had abilities of telepathic qualities and her five senses were heightened as an immortal.’ 

DO: What events lead to these abilities Eblas possessed?

CWT: The reader knows very little about Eblas during the events of Book One. They only find out about her true self in Book Two, ‘Darkest Regrets’. She and her three siblings are created by the spirits of Nature, to help nurture the land and creatures that it has created, including Men. Granted with angelic powers and white wings, the four of them watch over the world for many generations, baring witness to the creation of evil.

Eblas rose from the grassland at the edge of the city where she sat and approached a group of people, sitting in a circle with a fire burning brightly in the centre. As an elderly man finished speaking aloud, Eblas smiled at the prospect of their faith. "The Spirits of Old will always answer your prayers," She worded clearly.

A woman turned to face where she stood. A look of disgust marred her face. "It is not the Spirits we pray to My Lady."

DO: When I read further down, this group disagrees with Eblas when she speaks of the Spirits; they stand to their feet and leave her presence. Does the novel, Purest Light, have religious conflict? May we know exactly what happened here?

CWT: There is no religious conflict as such. My trilogy is based on the point that Nature created all living things, and the essence of its power has materialised over time as spirits. These beings then created Eblas and her siblings to watch over all that had been created, giving up their existence so that the four angels could take their place and protect life.
As time progresses on from that point, the balanced elements of Light and Darkness begin to stray, as the people begin to lose their faith in the spirits, thanking no one but themselves for everything that they have achieved. 

DO: What is the central controversy of this book?

CWT: Whether Light and Darkness can truly exist together; one cannot exist without the other, but if they were to remain unbalanced, life would begin to suffer.

DO: What are the spellbinding butt-end circumstances of it?

CWT: My characters are chosen by Eblas to restore the elemental imbalance, hoping that Light and Darkness can once again stabilise. What they don’t realise though, is that if Light and Darkness cannot be balanced, they must both be destroyed, with fatal consequences. 

DO: For a writer who has published three books, what have been the challenges and the success stories for you in the publishing field?

CWT: Marketing and promotions is the hardest challenge you will face. You have to keep going or else your book could fade into nothing! I have struggled with ‘spreading the word’ about my books but in time, I will get better. I have had several book signings alongside other authors and also featured in three separate news articles. There’s always success if you keep going!

DO: What route would you advice to up-coming writers on how to present their visions to the public?

CWT: Make sure you’re happy with it, before sending it anywhere. I never fully edited my first manuscript as I was a teenager at the time; I have always regretted it and am now finally re-editing the book! Do your research before taking any direct steps, and always remember, whether you’re self-published or published by a company, as long as you have the effort and will to get your book out there, you’ll succeed!

About Author: I am a fantasy author who has been writing for 8 years. In that time I have started and finished my first trilogy known as The Sacred Prophecies, and I am now working on my next book(title to be confirmed) which is the first of a second trilogy. 

Book Title: Purest Light, Darkest Regrets and New Beginnings make the Sacred Prophecies Series.

Genre: YA Fantasy, but is suitable for older readers

Book Blurbs: Purest Light- The story of a brother and sister who are called upon by the people to save them from the Darkness. Given the name of the Lu-Sy, they travel the land in the company of angels, searching for hidden powers to resurrect the creator of the land Eblas, before the evil reaches them.

Formats Available: Paper back and E-book (when final edit is completed, it will also be available in hardback)

eBook Cost: £2.99

Paperback: £6.78

Coming Soon: New fantasy novel, based on the journey of a teenage girl who has everything taken from her when her best friend is killed. Realizing that she has powers, she runs, with the Shadows following her every move.

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