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G. Mitchell Baker Published Author Interview

Darmie Orem - Interview Questions and Answer

Well ‘Hello’!

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What is your writing background? When did you begin writing and what inspired you?

An interest in writing fiction creatively, and then as a matter of publishing, came late for me. From law school, where they taught that legal writing was the writing style of the Gods, I soon learned I would have to unlearn the passive tense often encouraged in that professional style. Eventually, I found myself learning, or relearning the active style for writing fiction.  A late bloomer, a struggle, but the strange thing is I so enjoy writing. It never seems like work in the traditional sense.

In which genre do you most enjoy writing?

Writing and publishing in primarily four genres, I have to answer that I enjoy writing in them all. The adult contemporary fiction genre is perhaps the most challenging, what with the temptation to compete with cut-rate sensationalism presented all around us.  The Young adult fiction, presents a wonderful opportunity to present a values based story replete with teachable moments. Science Fiction, and particularly given my interest in Bio-Sci-Fi surprisingly became a forum for me to write about social issues interfacing with the near future possibilities that can really make a difference in our lives and the generations to come. Finally, my writing in the paranormal provides so much creative freedom.  I am often amazed, where my characters take me, when I am writing about the paranormal and preternatural in fiction.   Each genre has its special appeal, and I believe having this diverse approach lends to a great deal of enjoyment provided whatever genre or genres I happen to be working in on any given day.

What draws you to write in that genre?

What draws me to work in any particular genre on any given day, or, stretch of days, is first the concept. The premise, the initial or primary characters have to start out, and remain both original and interesting. If that is happening, holding up, then my research will continue, and, I will expand my knowledge base, which process encourages the process I refer to as filtering or that of bringing both related and unrelated ideas and notions together to create something both original and of interest.  As this process continues, I view it as consistent with my quest for writing original and interesting material.  Fortunately, I have fun in all the subject matter of the genre mentioned above and, the creative process remains consistent and a continual draw of my willing energies.

How often do you write? Moreover, how do you manage to fit in writing among other commitments?

I write every day. It is the priority, professionally. The writing comes first, and then the research and other tasks associated with the writing places in my schedule around the writing. I do as much, because I find my filtering processes are so strong, so active. When I prioritize the writing, and capture the ideas on paper, the filtering of research, concepts, character development remains freed up to continue the cycle. When I came to understand how thoughts, ideas, concepts are filtered given a little time, and, the expectation being they will be consistently, regularly captured, there is a point of relaxing, and letting the story come to you.  The writing itself is a matter of capturing the filtered or filtering thoughts. Once obliged, addressing the remaining commitments in a relaxed manner, perhapswith less distraction and more or less stress-free, seems entirely possible, indeed practical.

Tell me a little about your current project(s)?

            Kerby ‘Webb’ Webster & Kinny the Rodeo Hound” (XOXO Publishing, Toronto, 2012) is a Young Adult novel that was released October 2012. Recently, my publisher nominated this book to compete against 58 other nominations in the Young Adult category.Kerby ‘Webb’ Webster finished with a rank of No 7. This *TOP TEN* ranking in this world-wide readers’ choice style polling surprized a few of us, given it was my first attempt at writing a Young Adult story with comedy, pet, buddy and road adventure elements that all came together to convey strong teachable moments.  At present, I am writing “Kerby ‘Webb’ Webster & the Ultimate Tevis”, the second novel in series.

(Young Adult Novel, 2012 XoXo Publishing – Toronto)

Forthcoming is “Lethal Believers: Paedo”, to be released 2013 from Master Koda Select Publishing (U.S.). “Lethal Believers” is a series of novels by G. Mitchell Baker, (Copyright: G. Mitchell Baker) adapted from feature length screenplays by G. Mitchell Baker (Copyright: G. Mitchell Baker). These paranormal-psyche mysteries pit Malachi Danta-Mercadel, a retired Interpol Investigator and Paederast Hunter against Mantid Tranquil, the most mystic and persistent of organizations bent on employing the most lethal paranormal and psychological revenge, given Danta’s handiwork for exposing, compromising the illicit organization.Follow ‘G. Mitchell Baker ‏@G_MitchellBaker’ on Twitter, and, look for ‘Lethal: Believers: Paedo’, with the second novel in series “Lethal Believers: DVM” to follow.
LETHAL BELIEVERS: PAEDO by G. Mitchell Baker. The Preternatural is forthcoming and from Master Koda Select Publishing 2013 // Mitchell Baker ‏@G_MitchellBaker

 Photo by G. Mitchell Baker, Universal Copyright, All Rights Reserved

In addition, a current project is the “Adaptable Neo-Nature Technology” or “ANNT” series of near future, character driven BioSciFi Novellum. In this series, ‘ANNT’ and ‘Ald Mother Nature’ compete for the essential role as default nature provider for all humanity. The first to be published and now looking for a second edition home is “ANNT: Axiom. Now out of print, ANNT: Axiom precedes the second Novellum in series entitled “ANNT: Terraca”, which manuscript is complete and looking for a consistent home with a SCI-FI publisher having a bend for BIO-SCI-FI subject matter. When, this project finds a home, there are two more Novellum ready for completion given the actual publication of second edition for ANNT: Axiom and first edition for ANNT: Terraca. Waiting in the wings, is the third Novellum entitled “ANNT: Ariel”.


Cover Art by G. Mitchell Baker, Universal Copyright, All Rights Reserved

Among these major efforts are other projects that include the “The Napkin Manuscript: Consistency,” the second adult contemporary fiction novel to follow from “The Napkin Manuscript: Involvement”.

(Contemporary Fiction, e-Published 2011 XoXo Publishing –Toronto)

I guess this is a lot to have going on, but it really amounts to sitting back, writing every day and we will see what the future brings.

What are your writing plans for the future?

            My plans for the future are to keep writing, and, to writeboth consistently and with consistency. As my work seems to attract more and more attention from related media, andthose who may be interested in developing certain stories for the visual arts, I will continue to be both original and interesting, while balancing the growing the business side of things with the creative. This ‘plan’ of course, I will try to implement, while never wanting to slow down.

Where can people find out more about you?

Visit these author websites and Facebook fan pages for novels by G. Mitchell Baker and book release and project development information.

Website for: G. Mitchell Baker, author:
TWITTER for G. Mitchell Baker

Darmie Orem Thank you for hosting me on you Blog today. All the Best, G. Mitchell Baker


  1. Wow! Great interview. I love your plan to write consistently and with consistency...that really says it all...doesn't it. Good job!

  2. Hello Jane. *smiles* thanks very much for stopping by here. I really appreciate your comment...


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