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Passionate Promotional Blogger, Author, Toni Sinns | Authors' Curtilage Interview


DO: I know of a woman who inspires aspiring writers, promotes the works of just emerging and seasoned authors. In a distance though, I could tell she is a good person with a large heart. She has created platforms all over the social networks for authors all over the world to gain wide coverage, getting their names and books on the minds of everybody. I call her my boss. *smiles* Please lovely people, welcome with me on the blogs today, Toni Sinns author of I've Got You Covered.

Welcome Toni.

Part of running an active blogs such as the ones you have for the authors, book reviewers, interviewers, etc, involves serious work. How has it been doing this and writing your own book?

TS: It can get pretty crazy. And is the reason for many of my sleepless nights or little sleep nights. I tack on a bit more then I should for one person and my books tend to be the part that gets the negative effects. My characters are very neglected but I enjoy the sounds of how happy the other authors are when they see their work spotlighted on any of the promotions I do. Or if they win an award.

DO: Would you say you are an optimist when it comes to the future of all categories of publishing?

TS: I work in multiple areas of the publishing market so I get to see multiple aspects of it. However, I have to say I worry. So many people are switching from books to kindles. And that is great reading is reading but many authors self-publish and only get cents per kindle while they could actually get a few dollars for a book. Authors are struggling, readers are struggling to afford books and find places to keep them, and everyone wants something for free. And then marketing is crazy. Too many people are trying to jump in the writing and expect to get rich. You will only see the return of how much work you put in. But I keep hope.

DO: Part of the book I've Got You Covered took place in a high school setting, is this a personal story or a complete work of fiction?

TS: This is a complete work of fiction. I didn’t base anyone off anyone or base any of the locations off anywhere. However, that being said I did go to high school so the drama and issues are based on that of which I remember, heard, or was worried about before going into high school.

DO: Cutting the intro to this book very short, "Anistasia Cloud watched the reactions of the other students around her, the guys' eyes following her body, while the girls' gave snobby snorts. She sighed again; she wasn't here to get friends. She was here to escape the past." Hmmm....What hurtful past is Anistasia running away from? Do hint us a little.

TS: Anistasia has a very intense past that is given parts to here and there through the series but is finally fully exposed in the last book (book four). She is on the run for her life.

DO: How is John connected to the Hook of the book I've Got You Covered? I could see that with him sprung intriguing situations.

TS: John is connected to Anistasia in a very personal way. He isn’t blood related to her but he has a blood connection to her. You find out about 2/3 of the way through the book.

DO: Anistasia is a racer from her past. Not just ordinary woman does this kind of sport. What sort of character would you describe her?

TS: Anistasia is unique. She is this strong woman who has a very wide variety of fine tuned skills that she has learned over the last years of her life. She is adventurous and brave. She doesn’t normally shy away but until now she has never had anyone willing to break down the walls. And once you break walls down it takes time to build them back up. So you get to see her change from hard core to soft and then build back up.

DO: Would John eventually leave his real love and joy Naomi, in the nearest future to be with Anistasia? I sensed some chemistry between the two.

TS: John is Naomi’s big brother (Blood related brother) so he will never leave his sister. Anistasia and John connect multiple times on multiple levels.

DO: How would you describe the threads of literature you explored in this book?

TS: This book is a combination of genres and thoughts and ideas. This series has been building and remodeling over five years. So you have five years of different emotions, time periods, personal issues, and more that have happen during the building of this series. I don’t think many of these experiences made it into the book but I’m sure they had an effect of what mood was written.

DO: Anistasia from my dig suffered underneath. At some point she came to school with black eye. What are the distinct issues employed in this book?

TS: This book touches on some personal things that can happen. Anistasia not only has her past but also her present to deal with. She is running from someone but also living with an alcoholic brother. She has multiple things she deals with through the book. However, it never gets graphic. It is implied what happens but you never get the graphic details that would make it unable to be read by younger teens.

DO: This book is so fascinating, I couldn't stop reading it. More and more I wanted to find out what happened in the life of Anistasia and John as they unfolded organically with all the supporting characters. This is a good read. Be sure to get your copy of 'I've Got You Covered.'

About Author:
Toni Sinns was born and raised in Western North Carolina before moving to Central Florida in 2011. She is an upcoming author/writer with a mind in multiple genres of novels and books. She is currently working on multiple novels that you can read about on her websitealso you can catch her random thoughts on her blog.

Book Title:
I’ve Got You Covered

Young Adult, Adventure, Suspense, Romance

Book Blurb:
Anistasia moves a lot to get away from her past. But when she lands in Brooksville she runs into John. Something about him just makes her feel so safe and he can't get her off his mind. The two soon learn they actually have more in common than they could possibly ever know.

Formats Available:
Paperback, Kindle, Nook, ITunes, PDF, Kobo,

eBook Cost:


Purchase Links:
Amazon, Barnes And Noble, Smashwords, Goodreads

Books Coming Soon:
Children’s book (Baby Dragons Voice) is in illustration’s and almost ready to be published. Paradise (Book 3 of the Blazing Charm Series) is in edits and will be published this spring. The final Battle (Book 4 of the Blazing Charm Series) is currently being written and hopefully will be published this winter or spring of next year.

Author Links: 
Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Website

DO: As a blogger and author that helps others reach the mainstream world, what author advice do you have for up-coming writers who are having it rough getting published?

TS: Don’t ever give up. If you believe in your book enough you will find the strength to go through it all. It isn’t easy. Some of the best authors were rejected before they were published. Some got rejected hundreds even thousands of times before someone said okay. Also self published authors you get what you give. If you just publish a book and sit back you’re not going to get anything. Also don’t wait till your book is published to start building your fan base. The build up to the book can help your fans run to buy it when it is finally available. And they will help you sell more by telling their friends and their friends etc.

It’s been a great honor to have you on the blogs. Thank you.

TS: You are welcome Darmie Orem.

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